Al'Fez Celebrated at Soirée Marocaine

Al’Fez Celebrated at Soirée Marocaine

Al’Fez celebrated at Moroccan Soirée in The Netherlands. 

The exclusive event featured music, food, fashion and comedy, all based around Moroccan history and culture.

Siham el Forkhani, a celebrity chef known for reaching the finals of Masterchef, headed the evening’s chef station while Mounir Toub, a well-known TV Chef for 24Kitchen, was the presenter and host.

The evening, at a well-known theatre in Rotterdam, was sold-out with Siham and her culinary team showcasing the Moroccan range of Al’Fez in a beautiful array of delicious snacks. Demonstrations and cooking shows attracted a large crowd, including the Dutch Ambassador and other officials, and helped raise the profile and understanding of the Moroccan culture in The Netherlands.

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