Al’FezTM is a premium food range inspired by the cuisines of north africa & the middle east.

Founded by food enthusiast Sam Jacobi, the ideas behind the Al’Fez brand were influenced by his childhood growing up in the Middle East.

After 10 years in the food business, Sam began developing the Al’Fez brand in order to share his favourite Middle Eastern dishes with lovers of good food throughout the world.

"Picture a bustling souk in the heart of Jerusalem’s Arab quarter in the 1970’s. As a child, I would experience all of the colourful aromas and tastes of simple yet amazingly delicious foods. I will never forget sitting in one of the many traditional cafes enjoying freshly made houmous generously drizzled with the richest Jordanian olive oil and served alongside freshly baked bread."

In 2000, after an intensive product development process, the original Al’Fez range of products was created. Al’Fez was officially launched in 2001.

“Explore the vibrant, fresh & exotic flavours of Middle Eastern food. Welcome to my table.”
Sam Jacobi – Founder

At the heart of every Al’Fez product lays the promise of discovery; and we have put together a delightful selection of North African and Middle Eastern inspired products for you to enjoy.

Sauces, dressings, spice blends and core ingredients help you to quickly and easily recreate Moroccan and Lebanese classics: from tagines to spiced couscous and delicious falafel to aromatic kebabs.

The Al’Fez brand has come a long way, but my work is far from done... I invite you to discover and enjoy all that Al’Fez has to offer...