Al’FezTM Shish Taouk is a mild tomato based Middle Eastern marinade.

Perfect for a Middle Eastern twist on the weeknight roasted or baked chicken, or on the grill with Chicken Shish Kababs or Skewers!

Made with a rich mixture of garlic, ginger, paprika, and other fragrant middle eastern herbs and spices. Al’FezTM Shish Kabab recipe is inspired by the classic Lebanese dish Shish Taouk. Translated Shish Taouk means skewered chicken!

For a Middle Eastern inspired night complete your meal with Al’FezTM Moroccan Style Couscous, and home-made Garlic Sauce with Al’FezTM Natural Tahini. Or add your shish kabab in a warp the next day for lunch!

Water, Onion purée, Concentrated tomato paste, Garlic purée, Ginger purée, Vegetable oil, Modified corn starch, Concentrated lemon juice, Sugar, Salt, Paprika extract, Dried oregano, Spices.

Allergy Advice

May Contain: Peanuts, Tree nuts.